Comforting Childhood lies.

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Comforting with the lies, you made during those days was much better than the actuality.

The lie about the fairy, bringing up a new tooth while I sleep was so impelling that the falling of the old one hadn’t hurt.

The lie about talking with strangers would destroy my dollhouse seemed so plausible.

The lie about your kiss on my wound would recover it fast was so much alleviating.

The lie about Santa bringing gifts kept me all awake that night.

The lie that I am the best girl in the world (which now Lisa hears from her mother) use to bring so much joy.

The lie about I will achieve only success still hold me today in my failure.

The lie that you carefully curated to shield my innocence from the dark side of the world made my childhood so miraculous.

Do I miss believing them?

Yes definitely.

Stay blessed and Keep smiling,


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