The hateful Alley.

She was crossing that familiar alley which was her way to home.
Elated she was as she turned 8 today
Glittering her eyes were, thinking about her friends who were going to come to her party.
Excited for the delicious strawberry cake, her father ordered for her.

Delighted in her thoughts, Unexpectedly she saw an unfamiliar face trying being too familiar coming towards her. Pretending to know her well, offering that luscious chocolate, He seized her in arms. Unconscious of things she only knew there is she is in trouble.

Dragging her to the corner, misbehaving her, She remembers everything. Cursing that face in front of her, She screamed in terror By the grace of God someone heard her.

Her body wasn’t harmed fortunately but the soul was injured enough to swerve her mirthful day into morbid. She hates the day since then, Also hates the alley, and later hates being a girl.

Stay blessed


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