You look perfect😊

Elena was upset today because she heard girls talking about her weight while she was crossing the street. “Look that ugly, hippopotamus coming.” The girl with specs whispered with her mates. “Let’s give her aside or she will squeeze us” the other one in blue dress giggled.

This is not only today, she has to bear these things every day sometimes from strangers and sometimes from her friends. This makes her depress though she knows she is suffering from Prolactinoma, and it’s really hard for her to reduce the weight though she is trying her best.

We human being have a quirk of judging  anyone, anywhere regarding any subject so quickly like it’s our birth right. Sometimes we make fun of people’s appearance, their weight, their looks and color without knowing that there might be a reason behind those things or they are already struggling with these things. It’s became so easy to gossip about someone on their back.

You wouldn’t tell a flower that it is oddly shaped to be given to someone you love.

You wouldn’t tell the ocean that it’s waves are too curvy to kiss the shoreline.

and you wouldn’t tell the moon that it is too round to illuminate even the darkest of nights.

So why would you tell someone that they are too big to be beautiful?

A man or woman in any shape has their own kind of beauty and everyone is perfect if they are happy with themselves. A man doesn’t needs to have abs to look handsome nor a woman needs to have a curvy body to be beautiful. As far as you are healthy and happy you are perfect.

Just remember – “You are beautiful and will be always a shining star.”


Stay blessed and Keep smiling.


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