Happy Mother’s Day in Quarantine!πŸ’–

The world looks a little different days. Social distancing, a measure put in place to stop the spread of the coronavirus, has made celebrating major holidays with friends and families hard. Mother’s day too is going to be different this year , as you can’t take out your mother for dinner at her favorite restaurant or take her shopping to stores she loves.

Mothers are the most important person in one’s life, and she needs to be celebrated every day especially on Mother’s day. So don’t let this pandemic situation blow away your chance. Here I am sharing a few ideas to celebrate mother’s day and make it special during quarantine.

β€œWhen you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” 

β€”Charley Benetto

Mother’s Day

Our moms are superheroes and biggest supporters, but we usually don’t tell them enough how much they’re appreciated. Every year on mother’s day we get the opportunity to show them how much valuable they are to us. The simple agenda of this special day is to convey her ‘I LOVE YOU’. It doesn’t matter how you express it, it just needed to reach to your mom’s heart.

At today’s time many of us are with our family and many of us are not. There are every possible ways to stay connected and celebrate the special day, though you are away from them. This is my blog on how to spend quality time in this Corona pandemic.

8 Ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Quarantine

Virtual Celebration.

If you are away from your mom,no worries. Zoom call or other video call is the perfect option. It will be great to make a group call, with whole family and celebrate it like a festival. You can talk about childhood days during the call. These things will surely make your mother smile.

Prepare her favorite meal.

One of the most important task your mother is doing for you during this quarantine is cooking. Now this is the day, ask her to take a break. You can cook her, her favorite dishes. Also you can arrange a fancy dinner table where you can have dinner along with sharing your old memories which you might have forgotten about now.

Create a Special Mother’s Day Slideshows.

Today’s technology has simplified so many processes through which we can share our memories. One of easy among them is creating a slide-show. Go back through time and gather the beautiful memories she’s been at the centre of making. It’s always emotional and happy to see how one come so far, nurturing and growing up their children. You can also collect photos from relatives and add them to your slideshow.

Spent the day with and for her.

You are lucky if you are with your mother this year. Grab the chance and spent the day with her doing her favourite things. You can help her in her household chores, you both can bake together or gardening together. Enjoy the time with her.

Small gestures.

Remember how you used to give hand made cards to your mom on Mother’s day? Well you can still do that. You can also gift her some flowers or DIY flower vase. These small gestures are always special.

Plan a At-Home Spa Day.

This year you cannot book a massage for your mom, but you can manage to give her a royal treatment at home. You can arrange sheet masks or prepare home facial mask. Also paint her nails or give her massage. Here is the link on how to do spa at home.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzpdpOOXyR4

Photoshoot Day.

mom and son.

We women love photo shoots, don’t we? But mothers always put themselves back at every photos. This time go for a photo shoot at the best location of your house or at the backyard or in the garden. Dress your mother at her best, also you can do a twining photo shoot with your mom. This will add up beautiful photos in your photo album and also to your memories lane.

mother daughter twining
mother daughter twining.

Just call and wish.

The simplest thing you can do is to call you mom and wish her. Few minutes conversation in this time also means a lot in thius time. So if you are too busy, just make sure to ring her up and thanks her for being wit you.

Hope these ideas would be helpful for you. Happy Mother’s day to all the beautiful mothers.

Please share your views, suggestion or feedback. Thankyou for stopping by.

Keep smiling and stay blessed.


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