Happy mother’s Day❤

Mother’s Day is always special but I feel we don’t need a particular day to celebrate it. A single day is’nt enough to celebrate the motherhood, but we can make the single day special. For every one mother is the first love. Mother devotes her whole life for the sake of their children. So is my mother. We become grownup and get stuck in other things but for mothers, we are the first priority.

Mother’s Day is a day we can make her realize how much we love her by giving her our time.

I still remember this day, I cooked my very first cake on mother’s day 4 years ago when I really use to hate cooking. I remember how I literally disturbed my friend asking her the same recipe again and again over the phone. The cake fortunately cooked good and my mom was so surprised and overwhelmed seeing it.

Today, when I am an expert in cooking I realize no one’s compliment can make me that happy like hers that day. This also makes me feel how she used to try new recipes for us and her level of happiness when we use to like it.

Mothers knows every single thing about us, our preferences, things we hate everything. We are the one who takes her for granted when we stay close to her. But now when I am miles away from her I realize her effort that she use to take everyday to make us happy. We are abundantly blessed if we have a mother. I miss you so much.

Thankyou mom and I love you.❤

Happy mother’s day to all the mother’s.❤ And I love this 👇.

Thank you readers. Hope you liked my post.

Stay blessed and keep smiling😊


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  1. Nice. I hope all the sons/daughters remember the cares the mothers did for them and takes good care for them in their need😀.

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