How come I am here..

Hello folks,

Welcome to my blog.

I am Anjali Burnwal from India. I am a fun loving extrovert person but also sometime a shy kind of girl. Well a girl or woman whatever suits as I am 24+ and married.

I am still a child from inside as my husband says. I love travelling, learning new things(but not fond of trying it everytime), talking, eating, dancing(which sometimes looks like hopping) , reading, talking and being clicked.

I completed my graduation in B.Com in 2017 and wanted to pursue M.B.A but somehow got married in 2018. Now I am doing distance M.B.A from Amity University.

Well I currently live in US without any job and sometimes gets extremely bore. My husband works here in U.S.A.

My husband suggests me a lot of ideas to get me involve in some productive things. One day he suggested me "Why don't you start writing a blog?"

And my reaction was "Blog? Really..? What I will write there?"

He continued " Yes, you can give it a try . Write about yourself, your hobbies, your travel diaries or whatever you like"

I was still in confusion but I told him I will try.

So, after a month of that conversation when I was really upset of wasting my time by watching televisions and all I thought of blog writing. I did some researches about it , went through different videos about how to start a blog , fished among some of the sites and taken suggestions from my friend who is a blogger and finally starting it here.

As I am here I just want to tell you I will try to continue it making entertaining. I will write about my country, my travel stories, my cooking experiences and etc etc... Thanks for reading this.



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