5 ways to stay away from Negativity

Do you feel tired all the time? When you think about life nothing good comes in your mind or when a small problem strucks your way you have this feeling that why this has happened to you?

These things mean you are surrounded by negative vibes. These thinking doesn’ t allow us to live a happy and peaceful life. Everyone who has faced or is facing any kind of problems, stress, disbelief, knows how hard it is to stay positive in certain situations and sometimes a way out isn’t a solution. But the person who tries to keep away the negativity, learns to tackle the problems.

Keeping ourselves away from negativity isn’t easy as it sounds, but it’s something we all have inside of us and we just have to push it away. Nowadays, we are surrounded by stress because of work, personal problems or other and also very negative people. All these factors are building negative thoughts, sad life and lack of self confidence. We worry about our problems, finding their solution and about what people think about us.

Avoiding all these negative thoughts and becoming a happy person won’t come overnight. We all need to change our perspective towards the problem and handling things in a different manner.

How to avoid Negativity:-

  • Focus on solutions,not problems After getting in a problem we should try to see through each possible solution rather than stressing about the problem that why or how did it happened. So it’s better to look forward to the solution because every problem has a solution.
  • Stay away from negative environment –  This is a fact that whatever we see or hear everyday has a direct impact on our lives. Today our day starts with social media, we read different disturbing posts or watch different depressing videos which directly emerge negativity in us. So we need to distance us from these types of post.
  • Surround with positive people and communicate  – Being around good people is important for our mental health as they bring good and positive energy. So we need to talk to and spend time with those who help us to bring smile on our face rather to them who spread negativity.
  • Stop Stressing and Start believing – It is much harder to do than it  sounds but just go with the flow, don’t overthink about things you don’t have control with. Also start believing that everything is possible – as it is, we just have to keep working on it.
  • Don’t React instantly. Respond calmly – This is one I need to work with too. When our opinion doesn’t match with others or when we hear illogical things we react instantly and we say harsh things. In such situations it’s better to wait and be calm and then say. Responding is always better than reacting.
Everything starts and ends in our mindset. We need to train our mind with positive thoughts.  It's also important to have negative thoughts as a human being because it let us know how much difference we can create in our lives by opting for positive attitude. But it's our responsibilities not to let this negativity  make a  home inside. 

Your life is as good as your mindset.

Stay blessed and Keep smiling😊..


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  1. Great post. Probably everyone at some point of time or most of the time is a victim of negative thoughts. Will try to follow these👍

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