Happy women’s day😊

Hello folks,

Hope you all are doing good today. March 08, International women’s day. Do we need a particular day to celebrate it? Because without women, a single day is incomplete. 😁

But if we got a single day, let’s celebrate it.

Happy women’s day to all the beautiful ladies there. ♥

Below is a short story I am grateful to share with you guys. Please leave your thoughts regarding this😊

After returning from the office, the husband noticed something different in his house.
Everything was scattered there, the children were playing in their night suits. Their toys were all over the floor. Food was left uncovered on the dining table. The sofa was filled with dirty clothes. Tables were kept reversed on the floor. The kitchen was totally unorganized, with false pots. The bathroom was uncleaned.

He quacked with the thought that might be his wife is unwell and rushed to her room to check her. Reaching her room, he found that she was reading a novel resting on her armchair.

Seeing her husband, she smiled and asked: “How’s your day?”

Ignoring her question, he questioned her: “What’s wrong with the house today??”

Her reply: “You always ask what have I done today staying in the house, so today I haven’t done anything.”

This post is dedicated to all the women who devote their lives to the house, being a perfect wife and best mother, without spending a minute to work on themselves. The harsh thing is they can’t get enough credit for their work. People end their question asking what do they do all the day at home, considering that they just have to stay at home and sit idle.

The truth is life will stuck if they stop working.

Huge respect to such women.

Happy women’s day.

Stay blessed and keep smiling.


4 thoughts on “Happy women’s day😊”

  1. Love this post Anjali! So true and I wish women would understand and respect each other’s choices too- whether they are working outside or inside the home.

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