The hateful Alley.

She was crossing that familiar alley which was her way to home.Elated she was as she turned 8 today Glittering her eyes were, thinking about her friends who were going to come to her party. Excited for the delicious strawberry cake, her father ordered for her. Delighted in her thoughts, Unexpectedly she saw an unfamiliar …

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Spring!! Here you come..

#photography #spring Birds in trees, wind chimes ring The leaves of yesterday are green. Oh yes! Welcome you Spring!♥ Thanks for stopping by. Hope you liked the photographs.😊 Anjali ♥😊 Stay blessed and keep smiling.😀


7: 20 a.m:- She was so hubris today Exactly how she wanted. Everything was going so right Sitting on that chair which she dreamt of, Praising from each corner felt so good, Her feathers won the rigorous sky. 7:25 a.m :- The alarm started beeping Everything got shattered. Nothing left, just a thought “Can I …

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#Pulwama Attack

02.14.2019 A day of love when everyone was trying to enjoy Valentine’s Day in their own way. The day was calm just like any other day until I open my facebook account. I was busy with scrolling my phone and suddenly got the shocking news that there is an attack in district of Pulwama in …

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